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With our subscription service you will never run out of Quantum Information. Each month we deliver you the finest Single Origin Updates AI and All sustainably grown by individual like yourself. Helium Network $1000 Fixed Price Shipping included. Order below by pressing Start Helium Network.

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Full VIP access to CMCBOT AI, which what makes crypto trading and knowledge possible.

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Trading, News, Trends, Secondlife updates daily

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Crypto, Stocks, Global Economic trades with currency exchanges, gold, silver and more stats every minute.

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Active since 2018 Gold package gives you TOP NOTCH service. MUST HAVE HELIUM NETWORK ORDER to continue

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Whether you are just starting or have a growing startup let the alien show you how to become quantum and grow wisely to the future of technology. Every dollar counts that goes to humanitarian projects! Thank you for your support. Discord message .AlienGuru after your donation below which is silver, gold or enterprise that qualify for Secondlife/Metaverse World Shop/Office and Sim Help. Think of you, you have an on call Alien that will guide you all the way. That is Guarantee.

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For solopreneurs, bootstrappers, early stage
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  • CMCBOT full access
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$125 / mo
For established businesses
  • Discord Access
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AlienGenie provides best service. We specilize in getting you the crypto you need. Will guide and help you setup everything. There is no charge to setup but a 8% fee to process your crypto. Due to high demand, mining and buy fees are not included. We will do our best to provide you instant service.

Become a Technology Guru

Connect with the World and Mine your own business.

This is 30+ years of education/experience/timeline

After 2+ years of studying and building your own network, you will become an Expert especially with aliens like yourself will be able to communicate and connect others. Contact via Text to order Helium Network.


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